What is the condition of the car? As the title loans are secured with the title of your car, the value of the car is really important and a licensed appraiser evaluates your car. You have to visit the lender with your car for the processing of the application.

Do you have the clear title of your car? It is important that you take the title of your car along when visiting the title lender. The title won’t work if it doesn’t belong to you or there is a lien placed on it.

Do you have a driver’s license? There are a number of factors related to this condition. The photo ID helps the lender to know who you are and if the details on the title and driver’s license are same.

Do you have a proof of employment? Showing proof of employment is essential. Despite the fact that loan is secured on the title of the car the lender prefers that the borrower paybacks the money in form of regular installments. The proof of employment lets the lender know that you are earning and can pay back the loan.

Do you have a utility bill as proof of your residence? Usually, a driver’s license won’t have the most recent address. As utility bills are paid each month, you have to give the most recent one.

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