Why Are People Turning To Title Loans?

Why Are People Turning To Title Loans?

People facing financial difficulties are turning to title loans as they provide fast cash without considering credit history. For borrowers in dire need of money, getting a high amount at a quick speed can be a lifesaver. Commercial title loans can do just that.

Why People Turn to Title Loans

Here are 6 reasons why people are turning to title loans:

#1. Keep your vehicle during the loan period

These loans allow you to keep your vehicle and use it to drive to work or for a delivery service and earn money so you can pay your loan back.

#2. Credit history not considered

The commercial title loans do not check your credit history so it is easier for people with a poor credit score to secure a loan. All you need is to prove that you own your vehicle and your loan is approved.

#3. No Prepayment Fees

Auto title loans come with a high interest fee. To avoid that, you can pay it back early without attracting any penalties.

#4. Affordable payment options

Lenders allow flexible payment options so that you can choose to either pay the loan back in lump sum or in installments.

#5. Simple and quick approval

You can apply for title loans online and get it approved the same day. It is an easy process and you can get fast cash within 24 hours.

#6. Use car title payments for investment

Commercial title loan money can be used as a security deposit for a home or securing a business loan.

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How Commercial Title Loans Help You?

Commercial title loans help you to borrow cash in exchange for lending the title of your car or any other vehicle as collateral. The title of the vehicle serves as an assurance against the cash provided. And when you return the loan, you can have the title back. Simple!

How Car Title Loans Help You?

Title loans are seen as an easy option to obtain when you are in dire need. Here is how it helps the borrowers

#1. No credit history checked Commercial title loans help people facing credit challenges. Title loan lenders don’t have any credit requirements so they won’t ask about your credit score.  

#2. Provide fast cash The most valuable advantage of car title loans is you can collect money when you need it. The money is given in cash so you can use it straightaway.

#3. No need to submit vehicle Commercial title loans  allow borrowers to keep using their vehicles in full authority. The vehicle title is used as a guarantee for ownership.

#4. Quick processing time The loan application can be filled online and the approval process is simple. You can receive funds on the same day, thus helping you to easily meet your urgent cash requirements.

#5. Convenient payback options The car title loans come with convenient payment options. Single-payment loans means that you must pay the complete amount and the interest fee within 300 days or less. Installment loans allow you to pay back the loan over 3 to 6 months 1stcapitaltitleloans is a leading provider of commercial title loans.

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What Is The Difference Between A Commercial Car Title Loan And A Car Title Loan?

What Is The Difference Between A Commercial Car Title Loan And A Car Title Loan?

Want an instant loan against your car? If yes, title loans are your solution.

Having a car or any other commercial vehicle registered under your name makes you eligible for title loans. Apply for these short-term loans and collect cash instantly by using your car as a collateral.

Difference Between Commercial Car Title Loans And A Car Title Loans

Commercial car title loans allow you to use your commercial vehicle’s title as collateral to borrow money. This money can be used to fulfil your financial obligations. Once approved, you can collect cash within 24 hours of applying. Any commercial vehicle such as truck, trailer, car, or dumper etc. can be used as a collateral to secure the loan.

Car title loans allow you to borrow funds against your private car. You can use this money to pay debts, put down payment for another car, or meet any other expenditure.

If the vehicle you are pledging is a commercial vehicle then it is called commercial car title loans. However, if you are using your private car to get a loan, it is called car title loans. In both the cases, you must own the vehicle free and clear. Moreover, you get to keep your vehicle for the entire duration of the loan.

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How Semi Truck Title Loans Helps Your Business

How Semi Truck Title Loans Helps Your Business

Running a business involves challenges like fluctuating materials costs, high shipment rates, employee salaries, not to mention the maintenance costs. You need access to cash to meet these expenses and other unforeseen costs.

Semi truck title loans provide fast cash by keeping your semi truck’s title as a collateral. The best part is that you can keep your vehicle and continue using it for running your business during the loan term.

How Semi Truck Title Loans Help Your Business?

  • While a traditional loan takes several days to get approved and then some more to finally release funds, car title loans get approved quickly thanks to the online application process and you can collect cash on the same day to meet your urgent cash requirement.
  • Semi-trucks or any other vehicle that has a title can be used to obtain a commercial vehicle title loan. You can apply if you own the vehicle free and clear.
  • Semi-truck title loans have flexible repayment terms. The loan can be repaid in a lump sum in a said period or in installments over several weeks. Usually, the loan term is 15-30 days but you can negotiate the duration to a few months.
  • The loan money depends on the value of the truck. Usually, the lender would pay anything between 20-50% of the truck’s value.
  • Car title loans are not credit-based. This is a great option for you if you don’t have a perfect credit history.

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8 Important Facts Know about Commercial Vehicle Title Loans

8 Important Facts Know about Commercial Vehicle Title Loans

Commercial vehicle title loans are a popular choice among borrowers as an easy and trouble-free way of getting cash. If you are also thinking about taking car title loans, here are 8 facts that loan experts want you to know beforehand:

Fact#1. Clear vehicle title

You can borrow title loans against a vehicle that is registered in your name or you own some stake in the vehicle.

Fact#2. Credit history excused

A bad credit score is a red flag for lending agencies such as banks. However, credit history is not checked while applying for commercial vehicle title loans.

Fact#3. Take only what you can repay

Car title loans are an easy way to collect cash against your vehicle value. Make sure you borrow only that much sum that you can easily return or risk losing your vehicle.

Fact#4. More common than you think

Title loans are more prevalent as it offers a convenient way to borrow money to meet financial needs.

Fact#5. High interest fee

Commercial vehicle title loans have APR as high as 300% for a 30-day loan. You can end up paying back more than you initially borrowed in interest fees.

Fact#6. Easy online process

Car title loans have a simple online application process that allows you to submit and get it approved quickly.

Fact#7. Poorly regulated

Legal loopholes in drafting of title loans make it difficult for the borrower to repay their debts.

Fact#8. Consider other loan options

Explore other loan options such as loan against credit card, payday loans, loan against insurance, etc. before choosing title loans.

Commercial Vehicle Title Loans


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