It is not a secret that short term loans, such as title loans, are designed for individuals who have poor credit. However, many times the title loan companies will run your credit.

Should you take out a title loan? That is totally up to you. However, you should be aware of the fact that some lenders will run your credit, especially if you have taken commercial title loans.

Title loans are based on the title to your car, and they provide quick cash in case of an emergency. While they’re convenient, some people worry that they can ruin your credit. In truth, most states allow you to get a title loan without running your credit report.

Does that mean that a title loan won’t run your credit? How does it work? That depends on where you live. Some states require you to get a title loan by presenting the car as collateral at a local dealer or lender. Other states allow you to get car title loans from an online lender like auto agencies.

However, if you choose the options wisely, you can save yourself from any unexpected trouble that comes along with commercial truck title loans. 1st Capital Title Loans is one of the established agencies that offer car title loans without touching your credits. If you need quick cash at this time when you have landed on our blog searching for an answer to the question, “Do title loans run your credit?,” don’t hesitate to contact our team. We Would love to help you!