When it comes to applying for car title loans, another important aspect is the hidden fees. Some agree to this point while some don’t. However, it doesn’t mean that every agency you apply for fast cash has any hidden fees or hidden conditions.

No doubt, there are a few agencies that do have some hidden fees and they usually reveal it at the time of filling the application. This is the reason we recommend you go through each and every point mentioned in the policy before applying for the car title loans.

Here are some common types of charges that your moneylender may include in the hidden fees:

  • Penalties
  • Interest rates
  • Credit report fees
  • Prepayment fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Appraisal fees

Other than this, there are many charges they may put up when you approach your money lenders for fast cash. So, to save yourself from bearing any unnecessary cost and ascertain the true cost, we would recommend you to go through everything that makes your APR. APR stands for annual percentage rate which is charged annually to anyone who borrows money. It includes every cost that is levied in terms of fees or any hidden charges over a span of a year.

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Moreover, it gives you a clear idea of what type of car title loans is perfect for you considering your situation. However, not everyone has the time to go through everything written in the fine print. Thus, we would recommend you to go with reputed agencies like 1st Capital Title Loans. If you are in desperate need of some fast cash, call us immediately.