Title loans are now the common method individuals get money when they are   not financially buoyant in their daily business life. Even processes and stages which business-men undergoes to get this loan makes it the most preferable type of loan in all financial stagnant cases.

Just like an omelet that was made, so also is title loans as it goes along with some dangers well. Here is it for you, both the benefits and the demerits of title loans, after knowing this, the ball is now in your court to play, maybe you’re going to go ahead and secure this type of loan and sit back so as to avoid its dangers.

Advantages of  Title Loans

*All are qualified

Yeah, that’s right everyone is qualified, you are taking loans in the past or this your first time in doing so, just as long as you agreed to the terms and conditions that your car will serve as collateral for taking this loan. Even if you have bad credit records you are also qualified, just agreed to the term and conditions.

*Fast Cash

Having said earlier that it’s application process is the best you would get as it’s the fastest. After the done deal, you’ll have your money in your bank account within 24hours. Just know that the amount of money the bank will lend you are based on the value of your car.

*Still in possession of the car

Although you’ve handed over the collateral to the bank while paying your loan back, you get to be in possession of your car. But you may be told to buy extra insurance if your current policy isn’t up to the standards.

Disadvantages Of Title Loans

* High-Interest rates and fees

This depends on where you live and the personality of the lender you are working with, but you can easily pay as much interest fees as you would have done with a payday loan. When you are about to choose a lender, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the loan, and if their terms are above the bar, don’t hesitate to withdraw.

*Loss of Car

Finally at the end, when all expectations are not fulfilled, sorry dear but you just lost your car to the lender. Because the loan amount isn’t equal to the full value of the car, this lender will get more value selling the car than they would if you had paid full. Please only take this loan if you’re sure to pay up before the given period of time.

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