South Carolina Car Title Loans $100 – $600

Loan fees and Charges for loans in the amount of $100-$600 using your Auto Title for security.

1st Capital Finance of South Carolina, Inc. is a Supervised Lender licensed under South Carolina law.


12 Month Car Title Loan from $100-$600
Loan Proceeds Title Fee Finance Charge Payment Schedule
12 Payments of:
Total of Payments Annual
Rate (APR)
$100 $15 $ 11.48 $10.54 $126.48  18%
$200 $15 $ $ $
$300 $15 $ $ $
$400 $15 $ $ $
$500 $15 $65.44 $47.22 $565.44  18%

*This is a Simple Interest Loan. The chart above assumes your payment is due on the same day of the month each time it comes due. Your final payment will vary depending on if you made your payment on, before, or after your scheduled due date.  The above payment schedule will slightly vary depending on the day we get your loan inputted. We try to get all paymnets to come as close to a pay day of yours as possible.

Available Loan Amounts: $100-$500

Loan Term: 12 Months

Interest: The interest paid or to be paid to the lender on the outstanding principal balance of the Loan is 36.0% per annum, daily simple interest accrual method until paid. Interest will continue to accrue on past due principal amounts until paid in full.

Lien Filing Fee: $15, which amount is included as part of the Amount Financed.

Prepayment: There is no prepayment penalty.